Graphic version of the organization chart

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Text version of the organization structure

Jeny Patino, Executive Director – Housing, Dining & Conference Services

  • Glenda Niven, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Dania Russell, Director - Dining & Event Services
    • Jim Tomkins-Raney, Conference Services Supervisor
      • Melissa Castro, Conference & Guest Coordinator
    • Vacant, Event Services Supervisor
      • Elsa Huerta, Event Services Coordinator
      • Hossain Jahani, Event Services Coordinator
    • Gilgamesh Jeter, Equipment Specialist
  • Philippe Cumia, Director - Student Housing Program
    • Vacant, Residential Administrative Services Coordinator
      • Xochitl Vargas, Outreach Coordinator
    • Wanda Wong, Information Support Supervisor
      • Belinda Chan, Information Support Associate
        • Dennis Yu, Information Support Assistant
        • Karyn Huynh, Information Support Assistant
  • Vacant, Director - Employee & Family Housing
    • Vacant, Leasing Supervisor
      • Neamone Moore, Leasing Specialist
      • Justin Weiss, Leasing Specialist
      • Ratchanee Aiemsaard, Leasing Specialist
  • Tiffany Mikami, Director - Business Operations (Interim)
    • Kelly Trinh, Payroll Specialist
    • Vacant, Resident Relations
    • Vacant, Human Resources Specialist
    • Vacant, Employment Development Specialist
  • Marina Shevyakova, Associate Director - Financial Operations
    • Ramil Mangoba, Conference Accounts Coordinator
    • George Haris, Accounts Receivable Supervisor
      • Thanh-Huyen Tran, Non-Core Accounting Coordinator
      • Xuan-Hoa Nguyen, Accounting Coordinator
    • Conrad Tobias, Senior Business Analyst
      • Nhien Vy, Resident Accounts Analyst/Lead Cashier
      • Jenny Jiang, Cashier & Accounts Clerk
      • Wai Ling Tang, Cashier & Accounts Clerk
    • Amy Lin, Financial Analyst
      • Diep Nguyen, Accounting Coordinator

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